Spirit Unveiled



I've created Spirit Unveiled to help you on your path to your life's purpose. Chances are that you were led here to receive guidance or tools to help you along your way. Think of this as sort of like going to the gas station before going on a road trip. This is the signpost for your needs before or at the beginning of your journey. Whether that is the journey to healing, self awareness, or on a journey with your new partner in life. I am in the process of flowing through my own journey as well and I wanted to create a space for people needing guidance as they awaken as well as for people who are looking to be joined in union as they go through life with their chosen partners.  So if you're here, you're definitely meant to be. Things don't seem to happen by chance when you really think about it, yet there are no rules to your awakening or rules as to how to go about your journey. It will unfold and happen as it needs to. 

First piece of advice I can give is to be open in your heart and in your mind...spirit is not intrusive but gentle and supportive. And will only guide you if you are open to receiving. Remember nothing happens to you, things happen for you. Trust with your heart that things are happening for you and your highest good..even when it feels like the complete opposite. Trust. 

About Myself - Marissa 

I am a mother of two boys, Isaac (5) and Jonny (3). I foster 2 kittens, Milky Way & Ting, but I have a deep love for dogs! I am not a social body, I enjoy my alone time to create and reflect. I mostly love to learn how to teach myself new skills. I am an improviser and an optimistic person. I found that taking care of yourself is a great remedy for a broken heart or damaged soul. I felt as if I was damaged before but I fell in love with who I am when I started to nurture myself. I am deeply empathetic and have the gift of clairsentience. Though it is a bit uncomfortable for me still, I am learning how to use my gift for healing and helping people cope in sad or tough times. I also enjoy love stories, which why I am eager to join couples in marriage or partnerships. I am an ordained minister(priestess as I call myself) and offer other services not listed on my products page (baptisms, last rights, funerals/memorials, etc.). I believe in marriage equality for all. Pricing for services should not be so outstanding that it places a hold or cripples the couple financially. I offer my services at a fairly low price compared to many in the Austin area so that there are affordable options for these beautiful life changing and meaningful unions. I am also a Reiki practitioner and at this time I am only available to do Reiki by touch or in close contact. Distance healing will be added to my line of Reiki services in January 2018. I was taught by Reiki Master Tianna Roser and taught the Usui Reiki method from Madame Takata's lineage. Please visit Reiki Services for more information. Along with all that I've learned how to do, I feel like it is important to serve others in what I was meant to do. I am an initiator or catalyst for self-healing and hope to help, if not all, at least one soul on their journey. I am here to hold your hand, so to speak, as you find your way in this life in which you may feel lost or disconnected in. If there is more you'd like to know, submit a question or comment to my Contact Me page and I'll do my best to answer your questions in depth. I may create a Q&A blog post for questions that I receive in case many people are asking the same questions. Stay strong and choose peace over all. 

Of course I am just starting out and will add more content soon. For now my products and services are temporarily limited locally to the Austin area but I hope to add more services and products to reach beyond Texas.